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Spyder Spanker | Powerful WP Security and WP Optimizer software

Spyder Spanker Review

Overview Spyder Spanker Classic

Powerful WP Optimizer and WP Security software that stops Spammers, Hackers, Scraper Bots and Rogue Spyders from Stealing You


Video Spyder Spanker Classic Demo

Dowload Spyder Spanker Classic

Spyder Spanker could be a powerful WP Security and WP Optimizer software package that stops unhealthy spy bots and scrapers from stealing your band width and mistreatment your server’s resources. Most unhealthy spiders ignore the robots.txt file. Spyder Spanker blocks them. Block spiders by useragent or IP. Block entire countries too. Spyder Spanker not only blocks them however bans them forever (at your discretion). You get absolute management of each single bot that arrives at your web site, or you can follow the advised settings.

  • Save you Money: By Spanking the spiders that stealing your band width while not truly adding worth to your web business you’ll save band width and hosting prices.
  • Make your cash: By releasing up band width for real people your guests can expertise quicker load speed, and as we tend to all apprehend, the quicker a website masses the additional sales we are able to create

Features Of Spyder Spanker Pro

  1. Shows a live view of all bots currently stealing your bandwidth (So you can immediately add themm to your ban list)
  2. Allows you to block an unlimited amount of bots using the simple interface (Don’t let any nasty bots through)
  3. Community updates – All users ban entries wil be sent to all SS Pro users blogs. (After moderation)
  4. Automatically updates the list of banned bots every month (Which means you can stay ahead and secure your site)
  5. Specifically target hackers and spammers by blocking their IP address
  6. Share setting – Make any changes to one blog and share those updates to your Network of blogs
  7. Block entire Countries (85% of all hacks come from Countries)
  8. Whitelist and throttle all the good bots so they don’t over spider your sites
  9. Instanly add any IP or range of IP’s to block forever (Block domain tools entire class C range)
  10. The live view also shows what keywords your visitors are using to find your site

Dowload Spyder Spanker Classic

Spyder Spanker Benefits

  • Allows you to require full management of the protection of your website.
  • Extremely user friendly. Performs some excellent technical actions at the bit of a button with none technical knowledge required.
  • Frees up server resources that successively races your website.
  • Drastically lowers band width consumption, saving you cash monthly.
  • Easy to transfer, install and created.

Dowload Spyder Spanker Classic


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